How Can You Improve Your Balance In Yoga Poses?

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Whether you are visiting a yoga studio for the first time or you have been doing yoga for years, balance is important. Many yoga poses work on standing on one foot, which requires balance and core strength.

It's okay if balance does not come naturally to you. There are actually ways you can improve your balance.

First, Understand the Importance of Balance

Balance is good for your yoga practice for a variety of reasons. For one, balance helps you avoid injury when you are in certain poses, and it can also help you build a sense of steadiness. You relieve stress and stay focused when you are in balance-centered poses.

Keep Your Gaze Fixed

One of the best things you can do as you get into a pose is to keep your eyes fixed on a specific point. A fixed gaze helps to keep your balance and helps you avoid falling over when you are still building strength.

Build Core Strength

Core strength in your back and abdominals can help you hold balance poses longer. Cross training — working out with other techniques besides yoga — can help you build this strength so that you aren't falling over frequently.

Build Awareness in Your Body

When you are more aware in your body, you can focus on keeping upright. For example, learn how to draw awareness to your feet and legs when you are in a pose. Focus on one body part at a time, recognizing how it feels and how stable you feel in that position.

Work With a Support Tool

It's also okay to practice balance poses near a source of support. For example, you can rest on a chair with your arm or place a hand on a wall. A barre or table can also help you build your balance.

Pay Attention to Alignment

Yoga places a great emphasis on alignment, and there is a reason for this. Alignment helps you stay centered and avoid injury. One way to practice good alignment is to keep your feet hip-width apart and to hold your head up tall. It's all about finding strength in your posture.

Yoga Is a Great Resource for Fitness & Health

When you do yoga, balance comes with practice. The more you do yoga, the better your balance will become. Set up a class with a yoga studio today to learn more about improving your balance and skills.

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