Personal Training For Balance Improvement

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If you have considered personal training as a way to improve your balance, you are on the right track. Exercising with a personal trainer is not only a good way to get or stay in shape, but it's also a good way to build balance. 

Training helps you build balance by building more strength and stability in the core muscles. These are some of the ways your personal trainer may help you boost your balance.

Squat to Leg Raise

One way to build balance is to begin in a squat and then lift one leg as you raise up. A sumo squat position is well-suited for this kind of exercise because the wider stance allows you to have a lot of stability. Make sure to activate your abdominals during the lift to prevent spilling over to one side.


A variety of planks are going to help you build the core muscles required for good balance. If you have a 30-second plank under control, your personal trainer might recommend that you lift one arm at a time. You might also work on lifting one leg at a time. This helps your body maintain alignment and balance at the same time. Side planks are also excellent for building core strength safely.

One-Leg Movements

Another great way to build your balance (and your core strength) is to perform movements standing on one leg. For example, you might perform standing crunches or bicep curls standing on one leg. Activate your core to prevent the inevitable wobble.

You can pump up this workout by moving the lifted leg. For instance, you might bring your leg to the front and then to the back without ever touching the ground. Make sure that you keep that core strong at all times so that you can avoid injury as well.

Calf Raise Movements

Even if you've got one-leg movements down, you should also consider performing movements in a calf raise position. Stand on your toes as you perform some of your favorite arm exercises, from arm circles to bicep curls. You'll also get a great leg workout as you activate your core.

Visit a Personal Trainer Today

A personal trainer is there to help you build your core so that it is strong, flexible, and supportive. A healthy core helps you maintain your balance in a variety of difficult situations. Contact a personal trainer near you to learn more about balance improvement.