3 Types Of Fitness Equipment To Start Your Fitness Journey

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Although it is not necessary to own any fitness equipment to lose weight and improve your health, fitness equipment can help you reach your goals faster. When deciding on the best investments in your health, there are three items that stand out the most.

Fitness Tracker

There are many fitness trackers on the market, which can make it harder to choose. At minimum, you want a watch that is able to track your heart rate and exercise. This information should be easy to sync with a mobile app. Other features you need are easy ways to track different foods, exercises, and weight goals. Some apps integrate barcode scanners, menus from popular restaurants, and the ability to input customized foods. If there are foods you eat often, you can simply input the ingredients to determine the calories and nutrient facts. The app will then automatically let you know how many calories are in each serving. Tracking your food is the most important part of improving your health and staying on track.


Many people loathe the treadmill, but it is one of the most versatile machines since you can start with walking. When selecting a treadmill, if space and funds allow, invest in the best-possible model. First, you need to be concerned about the weight capacity on the model you choose. Remember, even if the machine is designed to accommodate your weight, you will generate more force if you run, so it is best to choose a machine that has a much higher weight capacity than you need. Other considerations will be the length of your stride. Make sure the machine is long enough for you to run comfortably if you are taller. Having many features on a treadmill are not necessary. There should be variable speeds and inclines so the machine will easily adapt to your changing needs and be challenging.


A basic weight setup can allow you to perform any number of exercises to gain strength and sculpt your body. The easiest investment will be weight sets. In the beginning of your journey, resistance bands and kettle bells may be all you need. As you gain strength or want to perform more complex exercises, invest in an Olympic weight set. Some sets have as much as 300lbs, but you can simply buy a basic set with a bar and two-25lb plates, and build as you go. Plates with holes in them to easily grip the plate can double as dumbbells. An adjustable weight bench will make it easier to perform the bench press and leg curls. If you have the space and funds, a squat rack or other multipurpose weight machine will make better use of your space and money.

Starting with the right fitness equipment can make it easier to begin and stick with your fitness journey. When choosing equipment, invest in the pieces that will give you the most versatility for your money and space.